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Kutna Hora

Kutná Hora is a Czech city in the administrative region of Central Bohemia. The city is located approximately 70 km east of Prague and has 21,109 inhabitants (2005).

The historic center of the old silver city, with its monuments since 1995 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a popular tourist destination.

Kutná Hora was founded in the 12th century as a mining settlement, because of the rich silver reserves that existed here. The silver mines even ran below the city.

The original name Kuttenberg, owes the city to the legend that the monks from the local monastery, while silver mining in the mine, hid their found silver under their "Kutte". Kutte is German for monk food.

The city grew very quickly and at the start of the Hussite Wars in 1419, Kutná Hora was the most important city of Bohemia after Prague. The mines were exhausted at the end of the 16th century.

The sights include the Sedlec ossuary, the church of Sedlec, the Italian Court (Vlassk'y dvur), the St. Barbara Church and St. Jacob's Church. The north tower of the last church, with its 83 meters, is the highest church tower in Bohemia. This tower has been somewhat skewed by a collapsed mine underneath.

Further sights are the Jesuit College, Hrádek, various historic houses and the Na Náměsti church. Guided tours of the former silver mines are organized in the city.