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We are Natasja and Eric and in 2019 already 7 years together. Natasja comes from Ede and Eric from Amsterdam.

But those 7 years we have lived together in Breukelen. Natasja worked in catering and Eric as an independent handyman. An extremely suitable combination for managing a campsite. We have been Czech goers for years and have usually been in the company of other families in many parts of the Czech Republic. We have also wanted to start a campsite for years. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, an earlier opportunity was canceled. In December 2018 the opportunity presented itself again and we seized it with 4 hands and we rent the current campsite in the Czech Republic. We are very grateful to the owners for that. And without going into too many details, unfortunately Han Stufkens passed away in March 2019. His wife is still in the background. I still wanted to mention this because they made this possible.